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WildFox Collective was born out of a passion for small business and an obsession with details and design. Offering the ultimate combination of services — impactful design and meaningful messaging — that will give your business the credibility and confidence you need to attract your dream client or customer. We craft bespoke brand images and stories that captivate and push the boundaries of creativity so that you can live out your entrepreneurial dreams.

The founder and primary creator at WildFox, Stevi, understands the specific needs of small businesses and has a passion for helping others to succeed. Never one to be put in a box,  in addition to graphic design, she also has a background in the beauty industry,  a degree in business, and further education in marketing.  

Born and raised in sunny Southern California, Stevi now calls the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia home. She finds inspiration in nature, and can be found outdoors whenever she has the chance. 

We look forward to getting to know you and helping you create the brand you envision.

WildFox Collective
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